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Company Brief

Our factory is supported with heavy-duty machinery and equipment capable of mass production according to international standards as well as customers requirements. All our products have been widely used to the aviation, lighting, metallurgy, chemical, heavy fabrication, construction, automobile, power and decoration industries.

Our main motto is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by delivering best quality products, maximum profits and all our best services. We look forward the opportunity to become your preferred partner and cordially invite you to contact us for further information.


We deliver our products on schedule, provide high-quality customer service, and always act ethically so that our customers get the finest service possible. We regularly improve our talents to increase client satisfaction.

Why Are We Here?

  • Quality Improvement and Product Development: We ensure that Press Brake Machine, Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Press, Power Press, and other product meets the most current customer expectations. As the industry evolves, the quality of our product line improves.
  • Modern Facility: We depend on an advanced infrastructural facility to create the finest. In the market, it has become a key supporter of our organization. Every business operation is conducted on time and without interruptions.
  • Scale Economies and Competitive Costs: We are always working to provide our fantastic selection to customers at affordable prices established in a user-friendly manner.
  • Flexibility And On-Time Delivery: We can accommodate last-minute changes and additions before sending the order.

Our Range of Products

We are manufacturing and exporting the following products at market leading price:

Hydraulic Shearing Machine (Conventional/DRO)

All Geared Drilling Machine

NC / PLC / CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Radial Drilling Machine

Hydraulic Press Brake Machine (Conventional / DRO)

All Geared Radial Drilling Machine

NC / PLC / CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine (Rear Mounted Cylinder)

Universal Gear Head Milling Machine

CNC Synchro Front Cylinder Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Vertical Milling Machine

Pre Pinch Hydraulic Plate Rolling - Plate Bending Machine (3 & 4 Roll)

Horizontal Surface Grinder Machine

PLC / CNC Pre Pinch Hydraulic Plate Rolling - Plate Bending Machine (3 & 4 Roll)

Hydraulic Surface Grinder Machine

Mechanical Under Crank Shearing Machine

Shaping Machine

Mechanical Over Crank Shearing Machine

All Geared Shaping Machine

Mechanical Press Brake Machine

Planer Machine

Mechanical Pneumatic Press Brake Machine

Plano Miller Machine

Mechanical Pyramid Type Plate Rolling - Plate Bending Machine

Slotting Machine

Hydro Mechanical Pyramid Type Plate Rolling - Plate Bending Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

C Type Power Press Machine

Mini Ostrich Cutting Machine

H / Pillar Type Power Press Machine

Ostrich Cutting Machine

Pneumatic Power Press Machine

Profile Cutting Machine

Cross Shaft Power Press Machine

CNC Profile Cutting Machine

Progressive Power Press Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

Bus Bar Shearing, Bending & Punching Machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Hacksaw Machine

Light Duty Lathe Machine

Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

Medium Duty Lathe Machine

CNC Turning Centre

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine


Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine

All Geared Lathe Machine

Hydraulic Double Column Band Saw Machine (Semi & Automatic)

CNC Lathe Machine

Pillar Drilling Machine

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